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What are Microbiome All About?


Bacteria are often associated with diseases. Your genes often describe who will be you. It can determine why you have acnes than others. It is also blamed for having Chron’s disease, PTSD, obesity and similar cases. It is all because of your gut.

The gut microbiome contains trillions of bacteria present in your gastrointestinal tract. It has captured the interests of many immunologists. All are interested how guts are related to some diseases, how can it explain them, solve them and many more. A gut is actually a community of bacteria.

Over the past years, researchers are conducting ways to directly pinpoint what are the different functions of microbiome in preventing possible diseases. Microbiome is also responsible for boosting the immune system. Once the study would advance more in the future, there would be no limit in the treatment for the complications for illness prevention.

This news will surely be a good one not just for the medical practitioners, but mostly to the general community. Studies are still in progress regarding the composition of a microbiome. There are bunches of information collected and are devising ways on how to analyze them all.

It is estimated that the world is 5 to 10 years away from discovering and establishing scientifically proven methods on how to make the microbiome be a “real companion” of the body in its fight along with our immune system.

Researches have concluded that not all bacteria are bad or harmful to our health. The presence of good bacteria inside our body will be mutually beneficial. In order to promote good bacteria, eating fiber-rich foods, probiotics drinks, such as yogurt and kefir. Exposure from dogs and dirt can also promote good bacteria. According to recently conducted studies, dirt does not equal diseases. Exposure to antibiotics during childhood may contribute to increased cases of certain diseases as well.

Research And Engineering Create Modern Robotics

Modern Robotics

When talking about robots they aren’t just toys anymore. Robots aren’t those that you see made out of plastic and metal, they can now take more roles in the society and the community. A lot of production work have been taken over by robotics in order to lessen the workload on some staff and workers. There have been tons of improvements made on robots to be able to make them fit for production and precision. This is important so that they can replicate the work done by workers efficiently. There have been many types of research as well in order to make more work efficient robots for future use.

How modern robotics seek to help

However, there are also concerns that open up regarding the mass use of robots of companies. There are those who think that accidents may happen twice as much with the use of robots. This actually depends on the way that the robots were created and the scale of work that they are put into. A lot of precautions are also made in order to make these robots have safe zones and protect the places where they work in as well. Of course, there is always risk with everything especially when interacting with people, but a well-made robot will be able to be controlled properly when things escalate out of hand.

The researches don’t ever stop in looking for the right solutions to make robots a safer method in the workforce. Studies are making sure that robots won’t be the hard and rigid pieces of metal that they were before, they being continually created to be more gentle and even human-like for people to feel more comfortable being around them. A lot of additions such as the motors springs muscles and more to create a more human looking shell for the robot. When a robot with these new enhancements run over a person, the spring that is located within the body is able to absorb the energy during collision making the accident less hurtful.

According to news, bumpers are the ones that help a lot in collisions, they are also present in vacuum cleaners to keep it from bumping into things and damaging them. Robots are being designed to be safer with their surroundings.

Greener Jet Travel – New Technologies Now Make It Possible!

Greener Jet Travel

Through its “green aviation” initiative, NASA has made it known that it was funding the research for new projects that could reduce airplane fuel use in half, minimize the noise of the aircraft and to reduce the emissions of carbon by 75 percent. This initiative came after the reports from the United States Environmental Protection Agency revealed that airline emissions contribute to climate change and it can also contribute to hazardous effects on human health.

What Are These New Technologies?

NASA’s project targets those airline emissions. Technologies include a new version of a fuel cell that can generate energy, a foldable wing that will help improve the efficiency of the airplane, an electric motor that can be made using 3D printers, a slim antenna that weighs less and can help reduce drag, and another kind of lithium-air battery. The teams that are working on these projects are provided with a $2-$3 million budget and 2 to 2 ½ years to work on these ideas.

Many conservation groups have praised this initiative although many have wished that this could have been imposed years earlier. However, it takes quite a while for the airline industry to take on new technologies like these because of safety concerns. As soon as these concepts are explored and investigated, they go through a tough and rigorous testing process.

If these concepts become successful, the next course of action is to conduct more studies in order to find out how these ideas are going to be utilized. Once these are finished, the outcome of the projects will be presented on conferences and will be published on journals.

Before these projects can be turned into reality, it is important for the airlines to create measures that will help reduce emissions. Currently, there are some airlines that are known to be fuel-efficient. This news will hopefully enable those involved in the industry to take the initiative to create ways that will improve on fuel efficiency.